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Great content marketing depends on the existence of great content.

If you’re looking for help creating compelling content, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Resonate Creative Content, a Milwaukee-based content services provider.

Many companies need help creating content that will resonate with their target audience and lead to increased engagement. Welcome to Resonate Creative Content, a Milwaukee-based content services provider. Telling stories is my expertise. Understanding how your audience wants to consume those stories is my differentiator.

When you work with me, you will find a partner, an enthusiastic creator, an enabler. I will help you achieve your objectives through creative storytelling and effective content distribution strategies, all while referencing science fiction, showing you pictures of my dog and drinking coffee. I can also paint you a landscape, but that will cost extra.

Though I am a Milwaukee-based content services professional, I have worked with clients from all over North America. Browse my portfolio to learn more about the content I can produce for you.


How I Work

It’s my opinion that you can’t write about what you don’t know. My creative process depends heavily on conducting research – to understand your market, your customer and your product. This could mean I need to conduct interviews, do independent research, talk to consumers, and even try your product or service. I want to be able to relate to your customer, so that the content I create will resonate with them.

There are three phases to content creation:



Research: Includes interviews with internal staff, interviews with customers, site visits, document review, the formation of focus groups, or review of third party benchmarking. The research that’s necessary will be different for every project. I will work with you to determine what will make the biggest impact on the creation of your content.



Draft: Encompasses the outlining and/or storyboarding, copywriting and the collection of assets that will be used in the final piece of content.



Polish: Includes refinement of the storytelling, editing, and the creation of a final deliverable.
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About Me

Hi, I’m Julie. Founder and Owner of Resonate Creative Content LLC. I create content in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I paint pictures. I drink coffee. LOTS of coffee. I love science fiction. I am obsessed with my Chihuahua.



What others are saying

  • Great to work with! She tackled a technical subject like a pro and came up with catchy titles to make them enticing!
  • Her drive to produce content that is meaningful and shareable is admirable. I would hire Julie in a second, again and again. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Julie.
    Milissa Rick

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